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Praise for Launching a New Worship Community

As existing congregations have tried to reboot their worship services after the pandemic they have discovered what church planters have known for decades.

Starting, restarting, and sustaining viable worship services is hard work. Authors, Paul Nixon and Rev. Dr. Craig Gilbert in partnership with fourteen other church planting practitioners have written Launching A New Worship Community to offer resources for both new and established congregations as they plan to replant a variety of worship services. This book is both philosophical and practical. So, it references not only why launching new worship communities is both biblical and theological, but also how launching those communities is attainable. Launching A New Worship Community is a great tool to remind us that even though our worship practices might vary stylistically or denominationally, our biblical and theological worship principles remain consistent.

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Dr. David W. Manner

Executive Director, Kansas-Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists

Praise for Launching a New Worship Community

Creating new worship communities is one of the most important tasks before the church today. Paul Nixon and Rev. Dr. Craig Gilbert are gift leaders and consultants in this work, and they have assembled a diverse group of co-authors. Together they are are asking the right questions and sharing what they have learned. For people seeking to expand the worship life of their congregations, this is an important conversation. Join it!

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Bishop Scott Jones

Texas Annual Conference

Praise for Launching a New Worship Community

Just finished, Launching a New Worship Community: A Practical Guide for the 2020s by Paul Nixon and Craig Gilbert. A wonderfully practical guide for pastors and laity leaders feeling the call to start something new in their community! Highly recommend this book.

Especially love that so many people I call friends contributed to this resource. (Bener Agtarap, Beth Ann Estock, Derek Jacobs, Candace M Lewis, Dan Pezet, Gary A. Shockley, Kay Kotan, Kim Saal Griffith, Kim S Shockley, Kristopher Sledge, Matt Temple, Rachel Gilmore, Sandy Gutting, and Tyler Sit.)

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Ken Willard

Director, Congregational Vitality at West Virginia Annual Conference United Methodist Church

Praise for Launching a New Worship Community

Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, “Launching a New Worship Community: A Practical Guide for the 2020s” is an ideal instructional guide and manual for clergy and parishioners wanting to be effective in developing churches and church programs relevant to the contemporary needs of their congregations.

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Midwest Book Review

Praise for Purposed Heart Ministries

I have known Rev. Dr. Craig Gilbert for over 12 years. For the past 3 years I have led Brookshire First UMC as Senior Pastor. We came to a place where we wanted to plan a new worship service for our congregation. When I left that meeting I first thought to call Craig. Our church engaged him for consultation and design. Craig has a great depth of knowledge in all styles of worship and he used that knowledge to help us craft a unique and powerful worship experience just for our setting at Brookshire. This contemporary service will soon celebrate it’s first anniversary. We have steady interest and growth is happening. I highly recommend Dr. Gilbert’s services if you are considering expanding or restructuring the worship experience at your church. I promise that you will be thankful for Craig’s guidance, depth of knowledge and passion for Christ. I know our church has benefitted greatly, and your church will benefit as well.

Rev. Philip Grose

Senior Pastor, Brookshire First United Methodist Church

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Committing to a new path for worship in your church can be a challenge. Our personal commitment is to listen to you first! We will then help you focus on the important steps needed for growth, followed by planning that supports your (and God’s!) vision for worship in your church. We help you refine and clarify the vision of your future goals, and work with you by providing understanding, support and finally accountability as these steps lead to lasting spiritual growth in and through worship.

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