Part 1

Here’s a snippet of an article I wrote for Worship Leader Magazine, it was part of a four part series on burnout and you can read the full article as well as the other parts at the links belowl

Are you feeling: Stressed? Overworked? Under appreciated? Disconnected? Overwhelmed? Uncared for? Unloved? These are some of the signs of burnout. Burnout can occur when we regularly exceed our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual capacities in our ministries. Combating burnout can take the shape of an extended vacation or even a new job. But to faithfully live on a daily basis in the ministries that God has given us, we need to focus on smaller, well planned, intentional, steps that both protect our current well being and, at the same time, stretch our capacities for new growth. Each of these smaller plans work integrate with each other to build an overall plan for passion, energy, and peace, in your current ministry environment.