Testimonials on Our Various Programs

Enriching Lessons

Every lesson has been a time of enlightenment. Things we take for granted in worship are there for a reason and have an origin grounded in God's purpose and in the history of our faith. 

Susan--who attended lessons on worship for congregations

A Gifted Teacher

We have gotten to know Craig as a person, as a gifted teacher, and as a friend with a great sense of humor. Thank you, Craig!
Charlotte--who attended lessons on worship for congregations

Inspiring Presentation

You have opened our eyes to a new way of looking at and interacting with worship to make worship more meaningful.  We are more aware of our personal preparation and participation in worship.  What could have been a bit dull or boring was very interesting because of your presentation.  

Patricia--who attended lessons on worship for congregations 

DVD Series is Wonderful

I have really enjoyed all 4 sessions of "The Purposed Heart for the Purpose of Worship" DVD. Can't wait to share with others on our worship team and/or lead a small group study.

Don--Discipleship Coordinator

Worship Leadership

Worship is more vital and meaningful than it was prior to your arrival. This helps people deepen and expand their relationship with Christ.  What better gift could you give to anyone?  

Sandy--on changes to worship in the local church

An Expert We Can Trust

We knew Craig Gilbert to be an outstanding leader, but even more, he was a humble disciple who enjoys helping others find ways to provide meaningful worship to their congregations – and we went to him for help.

Nancy--volunteer leader in a small membership church